Learning Solutions – Training, OD Trainings, Behavioural Trainings, Curriculum Design.

STCS provides comprehensive end-to-end learning solutions that works towards empowering the global learning community through use of a fine blend of its outcome-driven learning strategies.
We are specialized in designing curriculum for Marketing, Sales (Inbound & Outbound) Customer Support and Technical Support teams.
We provide Organizational Development Trainings, Behavioural Trainings and Leadership trainings.

Marketing & Sales.

STCS helps clients to generate leads through a mix of paid and free syndication services, digital marketing, email marketing and tele-touch techniques.

Our Marketing Strengths.

  • We use our large in-house database for content syndication.
  • Our highly skilled tele-calling team is trained to ask qualifying questions to your prospects while promoting the content.

Demand Generation and Lead Generation.

Demand Generation.

Often shortened to “demand gen,” demand generation is all about getting your name out there. Let’s say you see a really wild ad; Its presentation is so far out there that you can’t help but pull up your browser and do some research about what you just saw. You’ve just engaged with demand generation — you want to know more.

The goal is to make potential customers want to learn more about you and go seek out that information. This is a strategy that’s especially important for small businesses that are just starting out. However, it’s still a very important strategy for bigger companies as well. Even the biggest brands in the world, such as Coca-Cola and Nike, employ demand generation strategies.

Our expertise is in the below mentioned Demand Generation strategies, but not limited to:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing

  • Event planning and advertising
  • Social media marketing

  • Lead nurturing campaigns (using marketing automation techniques — more here)

  • Optimizing landing pages and content

  • Aligning sales and marketing

Ideally, demand generation entices your audience to seek information about you, leading directly to your sales team and a conversion. This isn’t always the case, however. So at the very least, your demand generation should familiarize your audience with the name of your business and what your business does. This helps propel your lead generation strategies.

Lead Generation.

While demand generation entices your audience to go out and seek you, lead generation is all about bringing your audience in.
Lead generation content focuses much more heavily on the value that you bring to your audience. For example, if you’re a software company, you’d present how you make your customers’ jobs easier. And if you’re a discount store, you’d showcase how much money your customers can save.
You can start moving your prospects through the buyer’s journey (turning them into leads) with lead generation strategies.
This helps you send the most relevant messages to your leads, moving them down the sales funnel and until they end up talking to your sales reps.

Our expertise is in the below mentioned Lead Generation strategies, but not limited to:

  • Content offers like ebooks, whitepapers and case studies

  • Inbound marketing content on your website

  • Webinars

  • Paid advertising that targets customers in social media or organic

  • Advertising and remarketing

  • Live events like hosting or attending summits or conferences

Some of our most successful marketing strategies:

  • Email Marketing

  • B2B Lead Generation

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)

  • Content Syndication Lead Generation

  • White Paper Syndication

  • MQL, HQL and Opt-in generation

  • B2B Database Development

Digital Marketing and SEO.

We partner with Digital Marketing experts to deliver the best in class services with desired results.

Our Partner : https://euodias.com/

Euodias operates in perfect coalescence of innovation and creativity driven by business acumen and marketing strategy, to maximize business value for customers through productive and strategically advantageous products and services. Euodias has an ensemble team of certified Solution Architects for Cloud and Enterprise Platform design, proficient programming nerds in Java, PhP, Python, NodeJs, React.js, Angular.js, along with full stack developers, Android and iOS experts, and Social media gurus proficient in Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing with Ahrefs, Yoast, Google Analytics and Google AdWords, Campaign experts on IBM and Adobe stacks.

Financing & Loans.

Choosing to wait for upgrading your team’s software licenses could hamper efforts in luring new clients if you don’t possess cutting-edge tech. Don’t postpone any purchasing that can hamper your bottom line. Business term loans are available that can dispense essential funding without delay.

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95% Approval Rates

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24 Hour Funding Process

Once we get all your business info and if everything checks out we are very quick at getting you the cash that you need in as little as 24 hours!

Flexible Payment Options

From terms that start at 3 months all the way up 10 years we have flexible terms and payments options made just for you.

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Software Licenses

Business Improvements

Franchise / Trademark Fees

New / Used Equipment

Working Capital

Cover Payroll

IT services

Support Services – BPO, KPO and RPO – Our Strength is our supplier group that delivers the results on our behalf. We have suppliers that can cater to any quantity of work without compromising on our quality standards

Data Privacy Policy.

We value the privacy of your data and understand that if you entrust us with your business processes, we should not only perform up to your expectations, but also ensure complete security of your confidential business and client information.
We follow the data privacy laws (GDPR & CASL) and we are committed to keep updating ourselves with the changing dynamics in Data Protection and privacy.

We provide:

  • A data security guarantees, using encrypted methods of data transfer.

  • Authenticated access to secured data.

  • Multiple data backups to make sure that your data is protected and safe from all kinds of threats and damage.

Data Entry.

We undertake all forms of Data entry processes.

Web design and Web development.